Research Center of BioMedical Engineering - RCBME


The Research Center of Biomedical Engineering focuses at the interface between engineering and medicine to develop new approaches to biomedical technology with applications to medicine, neuroscience, and biology. RCBME facilitates interdepartmental, multidisciplinary approaches to biomedical research to create an outstanding training environment for a new generation of students/leaders in Bioengineering. The Main Goal of Research Center of Biomedical Engineering at the Islamic Azad University of Mashhad, which is the largest branch in eastern Iran and one of the top universities in the country, is to deal with the common aspects and a synergic combination of different sciences. RCBME has played a lead role in the evolution of IAUM’s activities in bioelectric engineering. RCBME wish to play a significant role in the development of these research areas, improvement of the national industries, and training of experts.